Compare Bingo Sites

If you are looking to compare online bingo sites, there are various things that you need to think about. It’s not as simple as choosing a top bingo site, picking an offer and starting playing a game.

Sure you could do that, however, you would be missing out on lot’s of value. The first thing you need to consider is the type of offer you want to play for.

  • No Deposit Offers: Typically playing no deposit bingo costs you nothing. You simply register at a site, fill out a few details and they give you a small cash balance to play with. They normally come with various terms and conditions, meaning you will not be able to make a withdrawal until you decide to fund your account. But on the whole, they are decent value and allow you to try out games cost-free.
  • Cash Match Bonuses: A lot of sites have cash match bonuses where you get anywhere from 100% to 500% extra. For example on Cozy Games bingo sites you get up to 500% extra on your first deposit. So if you put in just £10, you will get £60 to play which is not bad.

Other Considerations

Other considerations include things like regulation and safety, as well as things like wagering requirements. It’s important to check those because you will not be able to withdraw until those are met.

Other things to consider include whether the site allows you to play your bonus on slots. Top brands like William Hill and Mecca Bingo allow slots wagering to count to the overall requirements, although at a lower rate, but it’s definitely welcome.

Finally, it’s important to examine the cost of bingo tickets. For example, if you want to win a lot of money, you will need to play for larger sums, buying more tickets for larger amounts. Likewise, if you don’t want to spend much money, you will need to look at the various freebies, reward schemes and top up bonuses that various brands provide in order to get a good chance of winning.

Remember, research is key and not all bingo sites are created equal. Be sensible and you will have a great time and a good chance of winning!

No Deposit Bingo

If you are looking for bingo sites with no deposit required offers, there are plenty to go round. In fact, the industry is brimming with them. It seems like the go to thing nowadays is to offer a ‘free bingo no deposit required bonus’ to players and entice them in.

Once they are enticed in, you keep them to stay with great payouts, added bonuses for when they make their first deposit they get rewarded handsomely.

One popular gaming provider is the Live Bingo Network, which is responsible for launching over 50 different brands, most of which provide some kind of no deposit proposition.

Pros and Cons of the Live Bingo Network

  • Risk-free to get started.
  • Play bingo games and slots straight away.
  • Large added bonuses on all deposits
  • All bingo sites are responsive and work on mobile phones.
  • Try before you buy.


Latest Bingo Sites

Due to the huge demand of bingo games, new bingo sites are being launched every couple of months. And due to the increase in the players’ expectations, these bingo sites are being made better than ever before. Not only in terms of the range of games, but the promotional offers are also being upgraded. This allows you to win way more than what you expect in just half the deposit cost, or even less. So if you are looking for links to all the latest new bingo sites to launch in 2016, a great list of fresh brands can be found at Bingotastic.

Spin Genie Bingo

This game has just been launched in November 2015 and already its bingo rooms are packed with players from all over the globe. Since this bingo site offers both bingo and casino slots, the players have the option of choosing which game they want to play.

The major advantage which the players will be getting is that no deposit will be required. Just by inputting some personal details, you will be able to become a registered player and get 5 pounds free. This will also be followed by a deposit bonus of 100%. On the second deposit, a 50% bonus will be awarded.

Other than three bingo rooms which have been segmented according to the type and prizes, there are casino slots as well. The content developers work round the clock to ensure that new in-house promotions are offered as frequently as possible.

So all in all, an excellent range of games are being provided on a very stable and reliable platform. The offer which is being given for hundred free spins is just absolutely great and this is what makes this site so attractive. Plus, they also offer the option to deposit using PayPal, which we definitely recommend. Feel free to check out our full article to see why.

Spy Bingo

The next bingo site which has made its place on brand new bingo sites is Spy Bingo. Unlike the other bingo sites, Spy Bingo requires its players to make a deposit of 10 pounds. But on doing that, they get 30 pounds to start playing. In addition, all of the new players are also awarded with a bonus of 300%. The games which are available on this site are:

  • 75 ball bingo
  • 90 ball bingo
  • Slots
  • Scratch cards

This website has also been specially designed so that it is compatible with both mobile and tablet devices. The only downside is that not all of the games have been made available – only the most popular ones.

In conclusion, this bingo site looks like a whole lot of fun especially with its amazing graphics and a dapper agent which helps you to achieve your missions. As soon as you enter the website, the whole range of games being provided is shown. In this way, the players will be able to decide what they want to play.

Wallis Bingo

The third bingo site which is making quite the rounds in new online bingo sites is Wallis Bingo. This site has been designed in such a way that all the bingo and casino players will find this heaven. It is one of the first few sites which have taken advantage of the concept of Wheel of Slots and developed it. Even though there is no straight up bonus for bingo, the players can win up to 500 free tickets or spins.

As a result, even though the concept of no immediate bonus is not that appealing to some of the players, they are very happy with the way the whole website has been designed.

Bingo Sites That Accept PayPal

There are many bingo sites out there which provide easy and flexible payment options for its users. This is done so that they continue playing on their websites, no matter what. In this way, they would be less likely to consider playing in the other bingo sites. Even then, many sites offer PayPal bingo. This is because PayPal is considered to be the easiest and safest payment option out there. So for all those PayPal users out there, there is some very good and exciting news for you. There are now actual bingo sites where you will be able to make your transactions with your PayPal account.

Sun Bingo

Whenever you hear the name “The Sun”, you would probably be thinking about the newspaper which is published daily. The last thing which would be popping up on your mind is that there would be a bingo site under the same name. Well, now do not be so surprised. Under the list of PayPal bingo sites, there is a bingo site named Sun Bingo.

When you first join Sun Bingo, you will be awarded with a 300% welcome bonus. This would excite you enough to start playing and winning exciting prizes almost instantly. This also means that just by depositing 10 pounds, you will be getting 40 pounds to play. That is a lot of money for playing bingo games if you think about it.

At Sun Bingo, there are heaps of games that you will be able to enjoy. Besides the usual 75 ball and 90 ball bingo games, there is also an 80 ball bingo game. On the Sun Bingo site, there is also the option of joining an online community. Here, you will be able to challenge and interact with players from all over the world. You might also be able to pick up some handy playing tips along the way.

So, in terms of PayPal bingo site, it is truly a fantastic bingo site as it has so many options to offer. There are very few things which are not to like.

Wink Bingo

When talking about PayPal bingo sites, the discussion would just not be complete without reviewing Wink Bingo. The reason why players like this bingo site so much is because of its playful and cheeky image. After all, this is what players are looking for – fun and excitement. Besides the usual 75 and 90 ball bingo games being provided, there is another one by the name of 5 Line Bingo. In this game, there would be a possibility of five possible line winners. The first one to hit five winning would be deemed the winner. The interesting fact about this is that victory can be attained in three ways – vertically, horizontally, and diagonally.

The outstanding offer which is being provided by Wink Bingo is the 200% welcome bonus. This means that just by depositing 10 pounds, the players will be getting 20 pounds to play with. There is also a loyalty program for all the loyal players out there.

All in all, it is an amazing bingo site which offers a wide range of games along with easy payment options.

The Best Virtue Fusion Bingo Sites

Virtue Fusion is another very popular network which provides bingo games online. Aside from bingo, some of the sites are also quite popular for its casino and slot games.

So while Virtue Fusion bingo sites has a wide range, it can become difficult at times to choose one. And when you are just dying for a game of bingo, you would not want to scroll through hundreds of names just to find one which you like. And after that if you find out that the bingo site does not live up to your expectation, then there are just no words to describe your heartbreak and sadness. So in order to save you from heartbreak and time-wasting, we give you the names of the hottest sites from Virtue Fusion. In this way, you will be get on to playing bingo right away.

Scarlet Bingo

Amongst all the Virtue Fusion bingo sites, Scarlet Bingo is considered to be the all-time favorite for the bingo lovers. This could possibly be because of the high deposit bonus that they give out to the new players. So when you will be signing up for Scarlet Bingo by registering an account, you will get the bonus to play bingo games for free. Do you get what that means? It means that no deposit will be required from you. Your day just could not get any better than that after hearing this news. Other than that, if you do make a payment of 10 pounds, then you will get 35 pounds for free. This means that you will have 45 pounds to jump on to your bingo mania. Other than the traditional bingo games, you will also be able to find slots and scratch cards.

Since Scarlet Bingo was one of the first HTML% mobile responsive sites which was launched by Virtue Fusion, it has remained a favorite amongst the bingo lovers. And since it is run by the manager, you will be able to feel the personal touch to it.

Ace of Bingo

The next Virtue Fusion bingo sites which is also quite popular is Ace of Bingo. So for all the card lovers out there, they will find this bingo site immensely exciting and satisfying. The reason why this is the case is because they have a strict policy of try before you buy. In this way, when you sign up as a new player, you will be able to get free bonus without making any deposit. However, after the first deposit of 10 pounds is made, you will get an extra 35 pounds to start playing your bingo games. Other than that, you will also be able to get access to a loyalty room which is full of free bingo. And you will be able to gain access to it for eight days every time you make a deposit of 10 pounds.

This bingo site has also been optimized for mobile and tablet devices. In this way, you will be able to continue playing your bingo game wherever you go. And since it is run by the manager Ashley, you will get the personal vibe. This is something which you will not usually be able to find on the other bingo sites under the Virtue Fusion network.